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5 Yes-You-Can Things to Do for Your Career in 2017

Think you don't have time as a busy mom to work on your career prospects? Read this, and do this.

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You always loved to travel before you had kids. Make traveling for work a career priority in 2017.

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With schedules about as hectic as anyone can imagine, it's rare when busy working moms can find time to focus on themselves—and that includes time for career enrichment. So first, commit to scheduling time on your calendar just for working on your career. Of course, then you have to figure out what will be the best use of this time in the upcoming year. Which is why we asked Katie Kelley, people development director at Fuerst Group and author of Career Courage, a book that inspires risk-taking and finding your true calling in order to create success, what she recommends we do to make 2017 a better work-related year. Consider these your career resolutions.

1. Pursue opportunities for continuing education.

You encourage your child to learn as much possible, so why not do the same for yourself? "Whether it means committing to a 200-hour certificate program, taking night courses, attending online lunchtime courses or completing a yearned-for doctorate, most women realize that their greatest opportunity for expanded career opportunities lies in freeing up time, resources and energy for this investment in themselves and their future skill set," says Kelley. Another bonus of continuing your education: You may be able to enhance your value in your current role.

2. Travel for work.

If your job allows you to travel from time to time but you have yet to take advantage of that perk because of family obligations, make 2017 the year you finally make it happen. Traveling in job roles allows for "greater exposure in our organizations, which leads to career building opportunities," says Kelley. Figure out a way to get your face out there without compromising your family's needs.

3. Consider invitations for a promotion or leadership role.

In 2017, stop shying away from opportunities to advance in your career because you think you won't have the time to commit, Kelley says. Recognize and make use of the opportunities that come your way, whether it's a new role or a way to ramp up your business. They'll help you show off your amazing skills—the ones you've worked so hard to develop.

4. Take better care of your health.

How your body feels can affect the way you work, so focus on treating yourself right by getting enough sleep, breaking a sweat when you can and practicing other health-boosting habits. "Exercise, self-care and more sleep all result in a healthier, happier and more confident us," says Kelley.

5. Volunteer.

While giving back may not directly influence your career, it can positively influence the way you view yourself, your family and your community—and possibly lead you to become a more purposeful worker. Kelley says that when you volunteer or serve as an activist, your civic and global responsibility level and your moral development get a boost, and you enhance your sense of the value you bring to your community, family and self.