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  women of excellence  2014 caLL FOR ENTRIES

NAFE LOGOThe National Association for Female Executives harbors some of the most hard-working, productive, innovative women in the nation and across the globe--women committed to serving and enriching their workplaces, their communities, and the world.

The annual NAFE Women of Excellence Awards honors the achievements and accomplishments of NAFE members in their careers, businesses and communities. Winners are chosen for their vision, courage, compassion, proven success and generosity as demonstrated by how they help other women succeed.

Click here to nominate yourself or your candidate as a 2014 NAFE Woman of Excellence

On December 10th, 2014, more than 200 corporate business executives, influential community leaders, business women and entrepreneurs will gather for the annual NAFE Women of Excellence Gala Awards Breakfast in New York City to honor these winners and learn from their inspiring stories.

Award Categories  
One winner of the NAFE Women of Excellence Award is chosen for each of the following 11 categories. In the following application form, you will be encouraged to choose up to three categories for which you or your nominee might qualify:
Woman of Achievement
is a woman who has attained a high rank and utilized her position, stature and expertise to break down gender bias and effect positive change for women.
Outstanding Entrepreneur
is a female entrepreneur who not only strives to build a great company, but also contributes to the success of other women entrepreneurs.
Mentorship Award goes to a woman who serves as an example of hard work and effective management and who demonstrates a powerful commitment to advising other women and helping them advance.
Community Service goes to a woman who is changing the face of neighborhoods through initiatives to provide services that benefit other women.
Rising Star is an up-and-coming female executive with less than 15 years at a company or an entrepreneur in business for less than five years.

Corporate Women's Champion is a woman executive who has worked within her company to ensure women's success – by initiating or aiding in the implementation and executive of formal programs, by working with women's networks, by teaming up with colleagues, by bringing up women reports, and by other imaginative means.

Activist Award goes to a woman who has worked to improve policies or practices effecting change for women at her job or in her community.

Global Women's Champion is a woman who works to improve the lives of women internationally or who helps improve the dialogues among women across the globe.

Health Care Champion is a woman who has demonstrated a commitment to supporting affordable, quality healthcare for women.
Digital Trailblazer is a woman who has harnessed the power of the Internet to improve women's businesses and lives.

NAFE Ace Award goes to a woman who has demonstrated exceptional dedication to NAFE--and in particular to a NAFE network and its members--over a period of years.

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Click here to read about the 2014 NAFE Women of Excellence Gala Awards Breakfast

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