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 Entrepreneurs - Fast Cash for Business Owners
Finding Funds to Further Your Enterprise

   By: Paula Damiano - Editor, NAFE News & Notes and nafe.com,  
In uncertain economic times, credit gets tight—and many business owners find themselves cash poor. But where can you find fast, available funds to see you through this lean period? SCORE has some intriguing suggestions. Billing itself as “Counselors to America ’s Small Business,” SCORE is a not-for-profit organization staffed by working and retired executives and business owners who donate ...


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Startup Stories 
What does it take to successfully launch your own company? NAFE spoke with four entrepreneurs: two are just starting out; two have been in business ...
Time for an Office Overhaul? 
Who has time to create an organized office? Running your business is demanding enough. Gone are the secretaries and support staff of yesteryear, who ...
It's My Business 
So you've started your own business and now the money's rolling—or maybe just trickling—in. Now it's time to start drawing a salary. But how much? Should you draw ...

New HIRE Act 
  Need more staff? Let the new federal HIRE Act help pay for it...
object 5 Tips on Creating Jobs with the New HIRE Act Are you an HR professional or overworked manager struggling with a hiring freeze? A business owner looking to expand? A new staff member may be just what you need – and the federal government will ...

10 Steps to Finding Your Fantasy Franchise 
  Shopping for your very own business? Here's what you need to think about before, during, and after you buy.
If you’re fed up with the corporate rank and file, but don’t relish the thought of starting a business from scratch, owning a franchise might be just the thing. You get both the freedom to be your own boss and the parental support of the franchise company when you need it. Still, even a turnkey operation with a recognized brand ...

Vetting a Franchise 
  Ready to buy into a business? Here?s how to weigh your options.
When Amy Boesen lost her vice president position as part of a corporate downsizing, she decided she'd had enough of 20 years of corporate policies and politics and wanted to return to her first love, interior design. But she didn't feel comfortable going it alone. After considering a few interior-design franchises, Boesen was won over by D ...

Five Tips for Making HOT Calls! 
  No more cold calling - make all your calls HOT.
NAFE member Joanne Black is the country's leading authority on referral selling. She has also been a NAFE National Conference speaker. Her book, No More Cold Calling™ The Breakthrough System That Will Leave Your Competition in the Dust , was published by Warner Books in April, 2006.   A call is HOT when there's an introduction. The person ...

Build Your Best Business Plan  
Contrary to popular belief, you don't need an MBA to write a winning business plan. What you need is to put in the comprehensive research, networking, and number crunching that an effective plan requires. We asked a number of seasoned business owners and experts for their best tips on building a standout business plan. All agreed that whether you're launching ...

Get Certified! 
  Registering as woman-owned can boost your business.
When NAFE member Mercedes LaPorta started her Miami, Florida-based electric distributor company, Mercedes Electric Supply, in 1979, she was one of a handful of women in this male-dominated industry. She needed an edge, so—since women were not yet recognized as a minority—she obtained local certification as a Hispanic-owned company. Soon, she landed a $300,000 contract with the Dade County school ...

Is Starting a Business Right For You? 
Many women are opting out of the traditional corporate 9-to-5 jobs by choosing to start their own businesses -- 424 women start businesses each day, more than twice the rate of men. That means 15.6 million American women have left traditional jobs to venture into the entrepreneurial world, an exciting and rewarding career choice, but one worth examining carefully before ...


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