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  nafe frequently asked questions



When will I receive my NAFE Membership Kit?

As soon as you become a new member - and every time you renew - you will receive a NAFE Membership Kit. The kit includes your membership card, information on member benefits, a chance to sign up for the free NAFE e-newsletter and an opportunity to complete or update your member profile. Kits are sent via first-class mail. Expect to receive yours within two to three weeks of placing your order.

Can executive assistants join NAFE?

NAFE welcomes members from all industries and across all job titles.

Will NAFE change my membership dates to help me qualify for health or other insurance or to file insurance claims?

NAFE cannot change your membership start or expire dates to accommodate insurance claims and eligibility.

NAFE Benefits & Services

How does my company become a NAFE benefit provider?

NAFE strives to provide useful benefits to the executives and entrepreneurs that make up our membership base. National companies should submit a written proposal to NAFE@bonniercorp.com using the subject line: Potential benefit provider - YOUR COMPANY NAME. NAFE will evaluate your proposal and respond if it is of interest. Please review our current list of providers in the Member Benefits section of this website or in NAFE Magazine before submitting your proposal.

How can I learn more about NAFE?

Our website (www.nafe.com) is the most complete and up-to-date source of information on member benefits, events, local NAFE networks, etc.

Does NAFE sponsor conferences or meetings where I can receive training and meet other members?

NAFE sponsors a National Conference every spring, as well as periodic Breakfast Club events in cities around the country. All NAFE events, including those sponsored by local NAFE networks, are listed on the Calendar of Events page of our website. Events are also featured in our biweekly e-newsletter.

How can I submit a calendar listing to the NAFE website?

NAFE members can list events by logging on to this website and using the form in the Calendar of Events section. If you are not a NAFE member, please send your event listing to:


Use the subject line "Nonmember Calendar Listing." We reserve the right to edit or reject all calendar items at our discretion.

Can I submit an article to the NAFE e-newsletter?

NAFE considers submissions from active NAFE members for publication in our bi-weekly e-newsletter. Submissions are accepted only in the format of "Top 5 Tips" and a maximum of 450 words, including a one-sentence author byline. No other format or length will be considered. Tips may be submitted on any topic, but must be relevant to both women executives and women business owners. To view an archive of past e-newsletters, please

visit http://www.nafe.com/web?service=vpage/513

Submit "Top 5 Tips" articles for consideration to e-newsletter editor Paula Damiano at: paula.damiano@nafe.com

If you would like to submit an event for consideration in the "Featured Events" section of the NAFE e-newsletter, please send an event listing of no more than 100 words to:


Please send your listing for consideration at least 8 weeks before your event.

How do I speak at a NAFE event?

NAFE typically invites women who are authors and/or have high level corporate business experience to speak at our breakfasts and as keynotes at our annual conference. Past breakfast speakers include Mary Claire Allvine and Christine Larson (The Family CFO:The Couple's Business Plan for Love and Money), Gail Blanke (Between Trapezes: Flying into a New Life with the Greatest of Ease), Lois P. Frankel (Nice Girls Don't Get the Corner Office: 101 unconscious Mistakes Women Make That Sabotage Their Careers) and Carol Frohlinger (Her Place at the Table). Past annual conference keynotes include Cynthia Augustine (President, Broadcast Group and Senior Vice President, Human Resources, The New York Times Co.) and Irma Tyler-Wood (Principal, ThoughtBridge). We often invite successful entrepreneurs with proven track records of presenting to groups to give workshop presentations at our annual conference. Past workshop presenters include Joanne Black (No More Cold Calling), Wendy Weiss (Secrets of Cold Calling for Women), Peggy Klaus (Sell Yourself) and Soni Dimond (Working the Room and Having the Room Work for You).

If you would like to submit a speaker for consideration, please mail a press kit containing the following: bio, video clip of recent presentation, recent book, list of organizations to whom she has spoken and a few sentences about each topic she presented. Mail to: NAFE, 60 East 42nd St., Ste. 2700, New York, NY 10165. Due to the volume of submissions, we cannot respond to each submission.

Our speakers are chosen by a committee of NAFE staff and sometimes our sponsor.

What kind of mentor opportunities does NAFE offer members?

NAFE does not have mentoring programs on the national level. To investigate local mentoring opportunities, contact your local NAFE network director or regional coordinator. Other mentoring resources include the U.S. Small Business Administration Women in Business website http://www.wnet.bz/) and Women Unlimited (www.women-unlimited.com).

Does NAFE provide grants for its members?

NAFE does not provide grants, but here are some resources for obtaining grants and writing grant proposals:

For grant writing:

1. www.foundationcenter.org (free online library) 2. www.grantwriters.com 3. www.tgci.com

For sources of funding:

1. www.foundationcenter.org 2.








Does NAFE provide scholarships or financial aid for higher education and career training?

NAFE does not provide scholarships for professional or career training. We do make scholarships available for NAFE conferences.

The most successful work-at-home opportunities are frequently home-based businesses created by their owners. See NAFE Magazine and our parent organization's publication, Working Mother magazine, for profiles of work-at-home entrepreneurs.

Can NAFE sponsor my fundraising efforts?

NAFE does not sponsor individual fundraisers.

Can I cancel my NAFE membership?

Your annual membership fee is fully refundable if you cancel within one month of your payment date. If you cancel after that date, NAFE will refund a prorated portion of your fees.

Can I pay for my membership with a bank transfer?

NAFE accepts membership payments by check and credit card only.

Resources for Business Owners

Can NAFE help me start my business?

SCORE, "Counselors to America's Small Business," offers many useful publications through its online library. You can ask SCORE for business advice via a form on their website. You can also search their site for a local SCORE office near you: http://www.score.org/.

Can NAFE help me form a corporation or LLC?

NAFE members are entitled to a variety of discounted services related to the establishment of a corporation or LLC through The Company Corporation. To learn more: log in to the NAFE website; go to the Member Benefits page; then click on Business Services.

Where can I get financial help for starting my own business?

Four good resources are the Small Business Administration (www.sba.gov), the Women's Network for Entrepreneurial Training (www.onlinewbc.gov), Count-Me-In (www.count-me-in.org) and the Women's Venture Fund (www.womensventurefund.org).

What are the health insurance options for NAFE members?

Health insurance is an extremely complicated issue, involving 50 different state regulatory agencies. While NAFE does not have its own insurance group, we do provide access to competitive rates on health insurance to our members. Current NAFE partners for health insurance are e-Health, JLT Services, and John Alden Insurance. Please log onto the NAFE website and go to Member Benefits/Insurance Products. Then contact each company and ask what coverage might be available in your geographic location.

Can I certify my business with NAFE as minority or woman-owned?

SDB (Small Disadvantaged Business) certification information and applications are available through the U.S. Small Business Administration. Online access is available through www.sba.gov/certifications. Information about minority-owned business certification can be found through the National Minority Supplier Development Council (www.nmsdc.org). For information about women-owned business certification, we recommend the Women's Business Enterprise National Council at www.wbenc.org.

Local Networks

How can I find a NAFE local network near me?

All local NAFE networks are listed on our website at http://www.nafe.com/?service=vpage/357. If there is no local network in your area, we encourage you to connect with other NAFE members in your region to start your own network.

How do I start a new NAFE network?

We encourage you to connect with other NAFE members in your region to start a new NAFE network. Download the "Q&A for Starting a NAFE Network" and "New NAFE Network Application."

What benefits are available to members in Canada?

NAFE does have Canadian members, and we can help you start a local network. For information on how to start a new NAFE network in your area, please see "Q&A for Starting a NAFE Network" and "New NAFE Network Application." We welcome Canadian members to attend our National Conference and other events.

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