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  nafe women of excellence meet the winnerS

Once a year at the NAFE, we are privileged to learn more about the remarkable women around the nation that are our members as we assess the nominations for the NAFE Women of Excellence Awards. We find ourselves dazzled as we whittle down our list of awesome women to select the individuals we will recognize for the year. We applaud all those nominated and are grateful to the nominators for the opportunity to get to know such amazing women.

Click here to see video highlights from the event in New York City.

The NAFE Women of Excellence are women of courage and compassion who often have overcome obstacles to achieve success and who give back by helping other women – locally, nationally, globally.

The 2012 winners demonstrate strength, commitment, accomplishment, and selfless service. Here we proudly present the 2012 NAFE Women of Excellence. Click on their names to read more about them,

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