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NAFE Features - Staying in Touch with FriendsĀ & Loved Ones Can Make A Difference and Touch a Life!
How keeping up with our past can add richness to our present.
By: Robbie Motter  

In today’s world of balancing so many things, working, raising a family and so much more we seem to never have time to pick up the phone, call a friend or write a letter or even a card and yet these little things can really touch a life and make a difference.
I too never have lots of extra time, I do send email cards, but do not write letters much anymore or send written notes or cards, I use to do it a lot, and also use to have a friend create special poems for my friends and I would send those to them as well. When they received the letters or poems they always told me how much they loved getting communications from me, and always thanked me for doing it, but somehow that all stopped as computers came in, we took on more responsibility, and it seemed so much easier to do e cards and emails.
So I want to share a story that this past week made me realize that what sometimes we don't think is important, is so important to someone else.
This past week I was taken back to just how important what we use to do is for the special people in our lives. I received a brown envelope in the mail and I thought it was an in kind donation letter and certificate, as I am chairing a Mardi Gras event for my local chamber that I sit on the board for.  Much to my surprise when I opened it, I found a hand written letter from a daughter of a women I met in Virginia the first day of school for 7th grade of my son ED who was going to be attending Linton Hall Military Academy in Bristow, VA. In line also was this woman Kathleen Flood, her son Jordan and her daughter Lisa who like my daughter Lisa was very young at the time.  My son Ed is now 54 years old so you can see how long ago that was.
The handwritten letter was from Kathleen’s daughter Lisa , who is now grown up and married with a career, who told me that her mother had died on Sept 4th and  that she had been ill for a couple of years, died peacefully at home with her family all around her.
In the letter also she wrote:
“My mother wanted me to send back to you what I have enclosed (which were letters and poems I had sent her that dated back to 1975) she treasured them and wanted you to know that.”  I saw Kathleen three years ago when I stopped in VA and DC on my way to a NAFE event in New York, but had not seen or talked to her since.


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