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NAFE Features - Help! (I Need an Assistant)
When and how to ask for a helper.

Back-to-back meetings and constant deadlines have left you overworked and overwhelmed. Simply put, you need an assistant. Since it looks like companies are starting to hire again, maybe now’s a good time to ask for one. Here’s how.

Write down your job.
You know your workload has soared, but your boss may not realize how much. Seeing the breakdown of your daily responsibilities—make sure to include all that you do—will help her realize how much you have on your plate and that assistance is warranted.

Schedule a meeting.
But first create a presentation that shows how hiring an assistant will be a win-win for both you and the company. Illustrate how you’ll be more efficient with an extra pair of hands to handle minutiae—your expertise will be put to better use, and you’ll have more time for big-picture thinking and doing.

Offer options.

Find out if your department can free up funding for another staffer. If a full-timer isn’t an option, ask for a per diem employee, a freelancer or even an intern who can come in a few days a week. Or suggest sharing a full-timer among colleagues so everyone benefits from extra help.

Nicole Williams, workplace expert at LinkedIn

Originally published on workingmother.com

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